History/ Development of the Company

On the 26th March 1963 the Shipbroker Christoffel Brouwer founded the one-man business Christoffel Brouwer Schiffahrts- und Befrachtungskontor in Hamburg and the foundation for today's company was laid.

18 years later, the Shipbroker Holger Ranf became a 50% Partner on the 1st January, 1981, after he joined the company 1st January 1971 Christoffel Brouwer Schiffahrts- und Befrachtungskontor was formed as an open Partnership (OHG).

Through a resolution passed on 29th June 1990 the company's assets were transferred and the Partnership (OHG) became a Limited Company - Christoffel Brouwer Schiffahrts- und Befrachtungs- GmbH. Holger Ranf and Christoffel Brouwer remained Directors and Shareholders.

Later the decision was made to take on a strong partner as a shareholder. Krupp (now ThyssenKrupp), a customer for many years, proved to be an excellent choice and contributed significantly to the company's success.

After reorganization within the Group on the 19th October, 2000, the decision was to taken to join a rapidly expanding logistic company and at this point Christoffel Brouwer Schiffahrts- und Befrachtungs- GmbH became Brouwer Shipping & Chartering GmbH & Co. KG.

90% of the shares were sold to IMPERIAL Logistics International GmbH in Duisburg. Holger Ranf remained Chief Executive Officer and shareholder whilst the logistics company IMPERIAL Logistics International GmbH became the majority shareholder.

In 2007 a strategic alliance further strengthened the cooperation between Brouwer Shipping & Chartering, Hamburg, Alfred C. Toepfer International, Hamburg, ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products GmbH, Essen and IMPERIAL Logistics International, Duisburg.

With retroactive effect from July, 3rd 2020, CTP.BIZ GmbH, Rellingen, (www.ctp.biz), the holding company of the CTP - CARGO | TRANS | POOL has taken over BROUWER Shipping & Chartering GmbH, Hamburg. CTP CARGO | TRANS | POOL, a brand within CTP.BIZ GmbH, is the roof under which operations are conducted by twelve independent companies, ten of themin the fields of shipping and logistics. Focused on the principle "logistics integrated", these companies are conceptually interlinked in such a way in the best possible manner, so they will be able to meet the demand and requirements on the market for "integrated logistics".

For more information please find our announcement under https://www.ctp.biz/fileadmin/user_upload/Presse/Brouwer_CTP_en.pdf